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Here are just some of benefits of our services to you:

Lawn Maintenance: Regular lawn maintenance is critical to maintaining a healthy lawn.

  • Weekly Mowing, Edging, & Blowing: Keeps your lawn healthy, the cosmetic benefits can be noticed immediately.
  • The first health benefit is, in a yard, resources are absorbed by the grass and used to grow.  By slicing the growth down to a short and uniform level on a regular basis, all of the growth gets an equal distribution of resources.
  • The next health benefit, when the grass is cut, the hardiest and the healthiest shoots are the ones that do the best.  With every cut, the best shoots will proliferate (increase rapidly in numbers; multiply) making the grass much more visible in nature overall. Learn more about lawn care and maintenance

Landscape Management: There are several benefits to regular landscape management,

  • A decrease in overall landscape maintenance expenses.
  • Regular landscape maintenance keeps your property in optimal health.
  • Landscape maintenance results in the protection of property values and an increase in aesthetic value.
  • Protecting your valuable property investment can be achieved through consistent landscape maintenance.

Hedge Trimming:

  • Adds value, street appeal and beauty to your property,
  • Promotes healthy growth of your hedges,
  • Improves structure and stability,
  • Provides better privacy and protection from wind, sand and noise.
  • Tames thick overgrown hedges
  • Without proper maintenance, hedges can get out-of-control, getting too close to structures and pathways, causing damage to roofs and clogging gutters with leaves and debris, causing a safety risk to people and property.

Tree Trimming

For most property owner, it can be tough to know exactly when your trees are in need of a trim. And, aside from obvious reasons like the tree’s appearance, it can be hard to see why they would need to be trimmed at all. But, there are plenty of ways that your trees can benefit from just a simple, fine pruning or an overall crown-reducing trim.

  • improve the health of your tree(s) by eliminating branches that are dead or dying. These branches are often dangerous, and removing them reduces the risk of harm to your family and damages your property.
  • Improves the overall appearance and structure of the tree,
  • increase sun exposure and air circulation throughout the tree and underlying landscape, which will improve the tree’s health.
  • Newly planted trees should be pruned to compensate for root loss and to begin training the tree for shape.
  • open up your property and improve your view.

Flower Bed Maintenance

Creating and maintaining a well-manicured, healthy garden takes time, energy, knowledge and commitment. Often, the most beautiful gardens and landscapes are the work of a professional garden service. 

Regular Maintenance

After your garden is planted, it will require regular maintenance to keep plants healthy and flowers blooming year-round. Routine garden maintenance takes time and effort, even with the smallest garden, so hiring a garden maintenance company will provide necessary maintenance on a regular schedule.

Flower Bed Installation

Planting flowers will not halt the rate at which our environment is deteriorating, but it will slow the process a tad, add curb appeal to your property and increase property value.

Mulch and Pine Needles Installation

Using mulch is a good gardening habit but not mandatory; the benefits, however, make it worth the effort. A really good job of mulching your garden usually offers these benefits:

  • Inhibits weed germination and growth.
  • Holds in soil moisture, protecting your plants from drying out quickly
  • Moderates soil-temperature fluctuations
  • In cold-winter areas, protects plant roots from winter cold and helps prevent frost-heaving.
  • In hot-summer areas, helps keep plant roots cooler
  • Depending on what you use, adds a bit of welcome nutrition to your garden as it breaks down

Leaf Removal

It is important to remove leaves from the lawn soon after they’ve fallen. Lawns need air and light to thrive and grow. Leaves block both of these lawn necessities and may suffocate the lawn, causing brown, dead patches. Read more on leaf removal

Fall/Spring Clean-Ups

Fall cleanup

There are a lot of benefits of cleaning up your yard before winter hits. Here are 3 essential benefits to fall yard clean-up

  1. Eliminate mold, bacteria, and diseases that can be festering in dead materials
  2. Displace invasive insects that often winter on the ground (especially boring insects that can threaten your trees)
  3. Lessen your workload next spring

Spring Clean Up

March is notoriously unpredictable. Shrubs can be crusty from winter on the first of the month, and then, a couple of weeks later, temperatures can warm up enough for flower and leaf buds to show signs of life.
Still, some early spring cleanup tasks are sure things this time of year.

  • Prune away winter-killed branches to make room for new growth.
  • Cut back spent perennials and
  • Pull up old annuals if you didn’t get around to it last fall.
  • Then look around. “March is a good time to take stock of your yard and see if it’s time to thin out crowded beds and do some transplanting to fill in bare spots

Aeration of Lawn

Benefits of Core Aeration,

  • Loosens compacted soil and
  • Increases the availability of water and nutrients,
  • Enhances oxygen levels in the soil, which stimulates root growth and
  • Enhances the activity of thatch-decomposing organisms,
  • While removing cores of soil, the spoons or tines also sever roots, rhizomes and stolons.

Seasonal Color Installation

One of the most effective ways to increase the aesthetic value and positive attention of your property is through a unique and vibrant landscape garden of seasonal color. The River Side Lawn Care Service can design, install and maintain a beautiful landscape garden with annuals and plants that reflect the season and offer stunning color combinations to add to your  landscape’s natural beauty.


Pruning trees and shrubs is necessary to ensure they maintain their health and vigor. Trees and shrubs should be inspected annually to determine if they need to be pruned. Young trees need pruning to establish branch structure.  Trees and shrubs that go years without pruning can become overgrown and weak. In addition to promoting tree and shrub health, pruning pays a host of other dividends.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great way to create a healthier environment for your family, it’s a cost effective way to add curb appeal and value to your property. You will be ridding the surface free of dirt, mold, mildew, tanning stains from leaves and sticks, rubber marks from tires, oil, & irrigation rust. Mold, mildew, dirt and dust can cause health problems.

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