Lawn Care Service.

Lawn Care

Caring for your lawn means not just cutting it every so often, but like other plants in your garden it will need to be watered and fed regularly. So if you are someone whose lifestyle is somewhat hectic, using a professional lawn care service may be the answer. Below we offer some reasons why it is worth considering using the services of Pascagoula Lawn Care professionals.

Taking care of a lawn is not as simple as just cutting it, you need to be aware of certain things if you want to ensure that the lawn at your Pascagoula home remains in great condition. Using the services of Pascagoula Lawn Care, may well end up saving you lots of time and you don’t need to know the ins and outs of lawn maintenance.

First, our company will spend time to analyze the conditions of your lawn as it stands currently. We will look at the variety of grass your lawn is made up of as well as how dense its turf is. We will also inspect the lawn to see if it is diseased and what weeds if any are present, along with checking how it is being watered. Each one of these things are very important for us to take into consideration so that we can then develop a maintenance schedule which will ensure that your lawn looks great and grows well.

After the analysis of your lawn we will provide you with a genuine determination of which of our professional services you need. Generally you will find that Pascagoula Lawn Care will offer a wide range of services to you from weeding, moss control, scarification, edging and more.

In order to prevent weed growth on your lawn, Pascagoula Lawn Care will identify the weeds and then carry out the necessary measures to get rid of them. The mechanical process known as scarification is used by lawn care companies to get rid of any dead moss on it and to comb the thatch which encourages better growth in it. Also through this process water is able to reach the roots of the grass more easily as well. Don’t be too concerned if after this process has been carried out that some parts need to be re-seeded. You will find like others that have hired us that by utilizing our Pascagoula Lawn Care services on a regular basis you will see “Noticeable Differences” all year long.

Lawn Maintenance

Weekly Mowing, Edging, & Blowing

Landscape Management

Hedge Trimming

Tree Trimming

Flower Bed Maintenance

Flower Bed Installation

Mulch and Pine Needles Installation

Leaf Removal

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Fall/Spring Clean-Ups

Aeration of Lawn

Pressure Washing

Container and Window-Box Plantings

Raised & In-Ground Flower Beds & vegetable gardens

Seasonal Bulb Plantings

Garden Renovations and Upgrades

Fall and Winter Plantings and Displays