New Lawn Sod Installation Service.

Pascagoula sod installationNew Lawn Sod Installation in Record Time: Let’s Handle it.

In need of new lawn sod installation? Let us use our years of expertise and commendable customer service to provide a lawn that will be the envy of your friends and neighbors.

Laying sod for a new lawn is the fastest way to achieve a beautiful lawn and it looks easy, but certain factors can determine the success or failure of this venture.

Let’s look at what you can expect when you use our sod installation services.

Preparation: Sod is pricier than using seedlings. To ensure you buy only what you need, we will carefully measure the lawn area to be covered. Thereafter, the entire area will be carefully raked to remove debris including rocks and roots.The soil is then fertilized and watered.

Laying of Sod: The sod comes in strips and is laid quickly. This will be done early in the morning while the weather is cool. The sod has to be handled with care to prevent tearing or falling to pieces while being handled or moved around. To ensure everything is straight, we will begin laying from a straight edge like a walkway or driveway. If your lawn has an irregular shape, no worries. We have our professional techniques for handling that too.

It is essential the sod is kept moist to prevent drying and dying, so we will wet is as it being laid. We take utmost care to ensure a well laid out and level lawn. You will notice our team raking the soil at intervals while the sod is being laid. This is to prevent any “bumpiness” after the sod is laid. If you have in-ground sprinklers or other garden fixtures you want to keep, we will plant the sod around it or cut small holes in it to fit around such fixtures.

Finally depending if it needs it or not we will roll over the sod with a roller to ensure firm contact between the roots and the soil and finish off with thorough watering.

Caring for the sod after application:

A few tips to ensure your new lawn thrives:water the sod frequently but don’t soak it. Don’t mow immediately. Leave a period of between 10 to 14 days after laying before you mow. Don’t tread on the lawn. Keep kids, pets and all traffic off the sod for at least 3 weeks after planting.

Lastly, enjoy your attractive lawn after our sod installation, we are sure it will be the pride of the neighborhood!

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